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Bespoke Risks & Compliance Issues

RRK is the perfect partner when it comes to outsourcing staff that facilitates/ accelerates business process & growth. Outsourcing of staff is a critical business strategy that allows companies to focus on their core business operations while accessing splendid staff administration services, expert statutory compliance along with dedicated HR support.

We outsource Accountants, Field staff ( research, sales & marketing), Receptionists, Office Assistants, Tea girls & general workers etc.

Benefits of staff outsourcing, when you work with us;

  • Reduced cost – saves labor & operational costs
  • Reduced time spent on employee administration
  • Cut cost on other non-remuneration cost
  • Eliminate the need to build a bigger work force
  • Comply with any industrial regulations
  • Gain access to skills and expertise
  • Manage operational risks when expanding or scaling
  • Consult on best practices and discover how to improve productivity
  • Create a working environment that is attractive to the most qualified employees