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Human Resource Outsourced Services

HR outsourced services are meant to convert the HR department fixed cost into variable costs. Your company can invest effectively in the core business activities while letting us professionally manage the human resource functions.

How we do it.

  1. We assign a dedicated HR consultant who will visit your office at agreed specific periods of time.
  2. We offer a complete start-to-end HR administration and management
  3. We develop, monitor and implement the HR operating policies & procedures.
  4. We ensure that all your employee files are well maintained in physical & soft files with all requirements being up-to date.
  5. We maintain your staff’s leave records and ensure that it is in line with the employment Act.
  6. We develop an organization structure for clear guidance on flow of authority as well as reporting line and facilitation of manpower planning.
  7. Where applicable we manage shift attendance and reporting
  8. The consultant as an observer advises the client on the most efficient ways of doing business from a Human Resource perspective.
  9. We keep the client updated on new regulations in the field of labor.