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Human Resource administration

Implementing HR processes and running the administration of employing staff can be time consuming but you can outsource this for a fraction of the cost.

How we do it

  1. Manage all HR administration e.g. sending out contracts, issuing reference requests and updating your online HR System.
  2. Administer and issue all your employee related letters.
  3. Send out notices for legal requirements e.g. Labour office letters.
  4. Licenses and statutory registration e.g. NHIF, NSSF registration
  5. Implement an HR system for you.
  6. Manage benefit and payroll changes in your system.
  7. Attendance management and reporting
  8. Manage employee leaves and off days e.g. annual leave.
  9. Manage referencing and background checks (additional costs may be required)
  10. Work permit new application, renewal and immigration follow up.
  11. HR related documents management